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'Matthew Waldren's conducting is admirable, dedicated, detailed and, when required. dramatic.'

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Reviewed 29 June 2014 by TimeTraveller

'Fantastic open air venue, great production on a wide screen stage.
The 'Barber' was a brilliant work of art, with the wonderful orchestra conducted by the charismatic and personable, talented Matthew Waldren.'


Reviewed 28 June 2014 byDocDoubleR

'Having seen several operas here over the years, this was the best yet. Absolutely brilliant acting and singing and the orchestra was wonderful.'


Reviewed 24 July 2013 byJoyC

'We went to see Les Pêcheurs de Perles and it was great...The orchestra was incredible.'

Twitter #OHP2015

Denise Moffat ‏@Neecey70 Aug 4

@matthewwaldren I found it breathtaking & was so lost in it I didn't want it to end! #OHPLakme


Denise Moffat ‏@Neecey70 Aug 1

@MatthewWaldren you were amazing! Lakme was enthralling! Thank you


Mary Grace Nguyen ‏@MaryGNguyen Jul 31

First live experience #ohplakme. Couldnt ask for a better performance of The Flower Duet or L'Air des clochettes


Mary Grace Nguyen ‏@MaryGNguyen Jul 31

Exotic, stunning & lyrically sung. Shame this fascinating opera isn't performed enough.Thanks @operahollandpk for filling the void #OHPLakme


Alex Goodwin ‏@AlexGoodwin92 Jul 31

Serene complexity produced with flair and I can do to describe #OHPLakmé. Sensational production.


Erica A MacCallum ‏@emaccallum Jul 31

@operahollandpk 4th visit this year, #lakme the jewel in your #2015 crown. beautiful, moving, divine and sublime


Miloš Milivojević ‏@MilosAccordion Jul 31

Absolutely fantastic performance! Thank you all very much! @MatthewWaldren @fflurwyn @JamesOHP @operahollandpk @CityLdnSinfonia #OHPLakme


Michael Llewellyn ‏@michael456789 Jul 31

@MatthewWaldren @operahollandpk I was there on Wednesday and thank you all for an outstanding, beautifully sung/played/conducted performance


Christina Petrou ‏@CrissyPetrou Jul 31

LOVED @aliceoperaohp couldn't stop smiling! Congratulations all. Particularly @RosanneHavel @MatthewWaldren and the star @lesliethehorse


Ellie Laugharne ‏@EllieLaugharne Jul 29

Wonderful afternoon experiencing #OHPAlice Congratulations to everyone involved! Confidently gifting the cd to my nephew! @operahollandpk


Ellie Laugharne ‏@EllieLaugharne Jul 29

@operahollandpk @fflurwyn @katieemilybray @LesterNicholas @robmuz @MatthewWaldren @AJ_Dickinson FAB PERFORMANCES, BEAUTIFUL SHOW! #OHPLakme


Susannah park ‏@Parkydoodle Jul 29

Had an amazing night at the opera thanks to @InvestecWin and @operahollandpk. Beautiful music, beautiful performances. #OHPLakme


Andrew Horn ‏@AndrewHornUK Jul 29

What a musical treat. Exquisite Lakme at @operahollandpk well done all


John Johnston ‏@JohnVecchio Jul 29 Hammersmith, London

beautifully staged & sung #OHPLakmé distilling filigree exoticism & lapidary musical charms @fflurwyn @MatthewWaldren et al @operahollandpk


Kath Hopcroft ‏@kklad Jul 23 Kensington, London

@operahollandpk Lakme tonight was fabulous really really enjoyed it.


Arctic Opera ‏@ArcticOpera Jul 18

Lakmé tonight @operahollandpk . Sensarional voices and @MatthewWaldren so beautifully and passionately conducted!


Linda Farrell ‏@LindaFarrell11 Jul 16

Exhilarating performance of @operahollandpk #OHPLakme last night.


Louisa Stonehill ‏@LouisaStonehill Jul 16

The most incredible performance last night @operahollandpk @MatthewWaldren you totally rocked!


Arctic Opera ‏@ArcticOpera Jul 15 Newburn, England

Still holding my breath after a stunning Lakmé @operahollandpk


Tony Watts ‏@Tonywauk Jul 13

@JamesOHP @operahollandpk Very much enjoyed Lakme on Saturday. It really is proving a vintage season!


Brian Moore ‏@brianmoore666 Jul 11

@MatthewWaldren @operahollandpk @BrunoTonioli I loved it and also your physical conducting.


George ☜ ‏@OperaCreep Jul 11

Couldn't have asked for much more. Total belief to the work paid off. The ROH could learn from #OHPLakme


Chuck Deer ‏@chuckdeer1 Jul 10

Have never seen such a beautiful and thought provoking piece of theatre. #OHPLakme was brilliant. @operahollandpk is on point once again


Stephen Barlow ‏@Stephen7Barlow Jul 9

Huge congrats to @MatthewWaldren @aylinsedabozok @MorganLarge @howardhudson for a musically & visually ravissant #OHPLakme @operahollandpk


Angela Clutton ‏@AngelaClutton Jul 9

Huge congrats @MatthewWaldren! I loved #OHPLakme.


Musichall Agency ‏@MusichallLtd Jul 9

@operahollandpk brilliant lakme cast at premiere tonight.@MatthewWaldren just superb in the pit.