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Will Todd's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on Signum Classics. Conducted by Matthew Kofi Waldren. Opera Holland Park

Matthew's Debut Disc

Number 1 Best-Selling Album

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'There is strong support from...the tightly-knit contribution of the makeshift band under the lightly-worn authority of Matthew Waldren’s baton'

Michael Quinn; Opera


'The cast...and orchestra, conducted by Matthew Waldren, put on a good show.

Richard Fairman; Gramophone


'Conductor Matthew Waldren draws bright, breezy playing from his orchestra.'

Dan Morgan; Music Web International


'commendation of the playing under Matthew Waldren, clearly and crisply delivered with every strand clear.'

Paul Corfield Godfrey; Music Web international


'Matthew Waldren conducts the 11 piece orchestra with aplomb'

Robert Hughill; Planet Hughill


 'Conductor Matthew Waldren holds the 11-piece ensemble together with panache and fizz.'

Warwick Thomson; Sinfini Music


'It has bags of energy and colour'

Rupert Christiansen; The Telegraph


'you can admit to yourself, at home with a drink-me glass of merlot or two, that it's not just toddlers who'll enjoy Todd's music...On record, all words are crystal clear, supported by a small but colouful orchestra that includes an accordian and sax.'

Neil Fisher; The Times